our Cookies

Our irresistible cookie dough is guaranteed 100% peanut and tree nut free. Hand made with wholesome, all natural ingredients. No additives, preservatives, margarine or oils ever!

Available for fundraising, in retail stores and to the food service industry. Get ready to bake the best cookies you’ve ever tasted!

chocolate chip.png

classic chocolate chip

A crisp, chewy, melt in you mouth sensation made with lots of pure chocolate chips, farm fresh eggs and creamery butter.

chocolate fudge chip.png

Chocolate Fudge Chip

Buttery rich chocolate dough and pure chocolate chips combine to create an intense chocolate taste experience.

snappy ginger.png

Snappy ginger

Fresh, candied and powdered ginger team up for a sweet and spicy cookie.

oatmeal raisin.png


A chewy treat made with flaky oatmeal, creamery butter and Thompson seedless raisins.

oatmeal chocolate chew.png


Pure chocolate chips, flaky oatmeal and butter produce a scrumptious toffee-like confection to be enjoyed by all.



Fresh creamery butter and pure vanilla give this classic treat its goodness.